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Leyndel Property Management

Leyndel Property Management is a prominent player in the management of multifamily properties in North America. Established in 2020 by a team of seasoned real estate and investment experts, Leyndel is dedicated to delivering top-tier service to its clients and supporting them in realizing their multifamily property objectives.

Leyndel specializes in the management of multifamily properties, offering expertise in overseeing mid-tier residential communities and ensuring the highest standard of care and service.

Our Services

Marketing and Leasing of Property
Management and Maintenance of Property
Tenant Lease Services
Parking Administration
Construction Management
Financial & Accounting Reporting
Personnel Services
Security Services
Risk Management Services
Information Services

We simplify active property management and drive efficiency -  helping you move closer to your passive real estate goals.


Years of industry experience


Partnerships benefiting from local market insights and relationships


Strategic industry relationships driven by growth and success


Acquisitions planned (Fund)

Exploring the Benefits of Investing in Domestic Core Real Estate

Investing in real estate offers numerous advantages that align with the strategic objectives of our clients. There are compelling reasons to consider allocating funds to domestic core real estate.

Some of the common benefits associated with such investments include:

Low relative volatility compared to public markets and non-domestic real estate markets

Potential for attractive risk-adjusted total returns

Operating income providing yield linked to long-term domestic inflation


Low correlation to other asset classes


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30 Wellington St W 5th Floor,
Toronto, ON

701 Brickell Ave, Suite #1550
Miami, FL

701 Brickell Ave, Suite #1550
Miami, FL

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